Naffed Off

I never said i wasn’t uncouth.

The first thing anyone should know about me is not to have ‘too-high’ exectations of me.


That said.

I know i said i wouldn’t blog personal stuff, but i need to vent.

About 6 weeks ago, at my monthy doctors apointment, my very nice doctor advised me that 2 sets of recent blood tests (taken for somehting else, about a month or so apart i think) had indicated that I may be diabetic. She advised me to have another blood test 2 weeks from the date i saw her.

So I did.

Two weeks later I was told by the chap who took my blood that I should contact the surgey for the results in about 7 days.

So I did.

I was told that the results were not back and to phone again the day after.

So I did.

I was told that the results were now back but had not been reviewed yet by the doctor.

I was told to phone back the day after.

So I did.

I was told that the doctor had not been able to review the results yet. Phone back later that day.

So I did.

I was told that my bloody blood had NOT BEEN TESTED.

I said ‘excuse me?!?!!’

I was told ‘your blood wasn’t tested’.

I said, ‘but you sent my blood off and you even told me you have the results back?’

I was told the ‘diabetic doctor’ (whether he himself has diabetes is anyone’s guess’) at the practice, had decided not to send my blood tests off as i had had ‘a lot of blood tests recently’.

Well at least they got something right.

I may as well be a bloody pin cushion.

Friggin fumin was I.

Especially as i missed a sodding appointment elsewhere to get that sodding blood test in the first place.

I was told to make another appointment for another blood test, for two weeks time.

So I did.

Two weeks later I turned up for the blood test and the nurse said to me ‘i only saw you a couple of weeks ago, why are you having your blood taken again?’

I wanted to tell him it is cos the NHS is $ollocking me about.

Instead I said ‘you tell me!’

So he did.

‘It’s all about money’ he said.

I wasn’t surprised, except that he as a worker for the NHS, had admitted it.

I like him for being honest.

He said, ‘When you consider how may hundreds of thousands of people are having blood tests each day, if they can save a tennner here or there, they are going to do it’.

‘That is so unfair though, why tell us to go for tests then?’

He shrugged, shook his head and said ‘it’s all a load of balls’.

My sentiments exactly.

I was told to phone for results in 7-14 days.

So I did.

I was told the results weren’t back, phone the next day.

So I did.

I was told the results were back but the doctor hadn’t reviewed my results yet, phone back after the weekend.

So I did.


Hysteria began to take hold.

‘What do you mean?’, said I.

and I continued…’I was told they were back and waiting to be reviewed by the doctor?’

‘No, I’m sorry, we DON’T have them back yet from the hospital’ said the receptionist. Phone back tomorrow.

So I did.

I was told that the results were back AGAIN and that i could phone back in a couple of hours for the results.

Lucky me.

So I did.

I was told to ‘Phone back tomorrow, they are still in with the doctor’.

So I did.

I phoned this morning.

‘Can I have the results of my blood test please’, said I.

‘Right, let me just look them up for you. Yes, right, it says here they haven’t been tested’.

‘Yes they were!’, I said, perhaps a little sharply, tears of bloody frustration pricking my eyes.

‘No, they weren’t’ said the receptionist.

‘BUT. BUT. BUT’, said I, ‘….this has been going on for 6 weeks now and this is twice i have been told my blood hasn’t been tested!’

‘It’s not actually my fault, take it up with the doctor’, said she.

‘But they took my blood so what happened to it, did it just not get sent off?’, said I.

I was then told it was the fault of the blood lab at the hospital who had, in their ‘wisdom’ decided against testing it.

What an absolute load of  >>>insert expletive of choice here<<<.

Welcome to the sodding NHS.

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10 Responses to Naffed Off

  1. John says:

    Hmm, a many Americans (not most, but many) are convinced we need that in the USA! No way.

  2. Sarah says:

    Is it possible to be more naffed off than you are and I’m not you! God Almighty and all that is holy, that is annoying as Hades in a handbasket! Sorry!!!

  3. Rita says:

    Oh, don’t get me started….

    Then again I really naffed them off too. I was so determined to get by blood analysed quickly (the GPs only have a phlebotomist on duty at times I couldn’t get there without loosing some of my pay), I left the GPs with my little pack for the blood samples, and got the red stuff extracted at the hospital directly. It was duly analysed and the hospital charged the surgery £250 for the priviledge.

    The system is rotten, deeply rotten.

    My husband is dying and they don’t care. If I get a chance I will blog about exactly how bad things are with the NHS round here. He’s too ill to drive, too ill to catch a bus, too skint for a £25 taxi ride to the doctors…he tells the doctors over the phone that he can’t eat, I can smell ketones on his breath, his skin is breaking off, yet they will not help because his illness is one that isn’t funded….

    My prayers, Deb.
    These are testing times.

    To any Americans reading. Once upon a time there was an NHS that worked. Then they introduced an internal market and different departments have to compete with each other. Patients became “beds”, and a business model developed. It doesn’t work, unless you are an emergency case and need instant treatment irrespective of your ready cash/credit. Do not follow our model. But there must be some safety net for the poorest and most vulnerable.

  4. Cathy says:

    So we still don’t know if you have diabetes? Gosh All Friday DARN!!!!! That can only increase your stress level! When is the next appt with the Dr? Please, give them “what for!!!”

  5. Suzanne says:

    Not that everything works with speed and ease here right now, but I tell you if this doesn’t show a point we need to have against the damned health care package they are trying to force upon us here..little else will..perfect example of crap! Sorry for my french, hawaiian, mexican, whatever language, but this is awful. I am sorry you are having to deal with that. Yes,
    sometimes this could happen anywhere, but I think we’d do something like change doctors here and pick one ourselves..rather he/she be good or bad, it would still be a free will choice. Well, all you can do at this point is do what Cathy said, but I’ll pray youto find out something soon. Do take care in the meantime. Love you!

  6. Absolutely ridiculous that adults can’t keep track of something as simple as blood tests. To tell you one thing and then something else and then go through the whole thing all over again…I think you’re being extremely calm. This is gross incompetence and rudeness. I would be furious. There’s no excuse. May God forgive them and help them to get it TOGETHER!! I’m so sorry you have to go through this. And may the whole thing be normal after all!!! God bless you, friend.

  7. Mary Lou says:

    You could die trying to get through that maze. Send the chronicological scenario to the head of that department and copy the WHO along with British press. On second thought, they might euthanize you on your next trip for their questionable care. That having been said, you may have to lean on patience being a virtue. What does naffed mean? Is that etiquette for ‘pissed off’?

  8. mum6kids says:

    It took me what…six years, to get a dr to give me Amirtip for the pain. My neuro has vanished and suddenly out of the blue the GP suggests I might get a referral to a pain clinic. I’ve been in daily pain for 7yrs and I didn’t even know pain clinics existed in this country!!!
    Meanwhile my friend has been fighting cancer on what we all call the Economy or Ryan Air package. She has had a double mastecomy, chemo etc and other surgeries in this fight.
    Now she has a lump on her back near her shoulder blade.
    The GP sees her.
    It turns out that although she is only 2yrs post diagnoses that her oncologist has vanished. She isn’t in the system. So she has to get a referral to the rapid referral clinic. She ends up having to phone the breast nurse to see where her ‘rapid’ referral was before the appt was made.
    The clinic was running a couple or more hours late. The doc felt the lump and said she needed scans but wouldn’t do them there and then (as he should have)
    So she waited for another appt.
    She got one for the consultant but no scan dates.
    She phoned the breast nurse.
    Now the nurse has said she will get the scan appts sorted.
    She waits…
    Scary isn’t it? This is the NHS. ye gods people of America-why ever would you want the same?

  9. Suzanne says:

    I know you probably guessed it .. but this girl in America doesn’t want the NHS…never have and never will. Sometimes I may big deal for me, but when you think about having a child or someone with a semi or serious illness…this is NOT what I would want. I did live in a situation like that and he didn’t live long…but at LEAST, I knew he was in the best of care and that I could switch doctors or what have you if I really wanted more help or opinions…yeah, its about the children..the people who are suffering the most, the handicapped..these folks esp. don’t need this darned messin around with, you know? Oh don’t even get me started..but I guess I already did here, didn’t I? (Shaking my head in frustration).

  10. lorna says:

    what a waste of everyone’s time (which is worth a lot too)

    I think you should write to your MP

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