How does my garden grow…

As I may have mentioned on the blog previously, I never had much of an interest in gardening until the Grow Your Own bug bit me recently and now I’m slowly working on creating a raised bed and container garden to grow fruit and veg.  I say slowly because i have to work in short bursts (for health reasons).

So anyway, i thought i’d share with you my attempts thus far. There is still much more work to do to create the food growing garden i want, but i have limited skills, resources and fitness to accomplish my plans in the foreseeable future and it may well take a couple of years to achieve my aim (but i don’t mind) stil, i thought it may be of interest to some of you to see what i’ve been doing so far…

1. I covered the excuse for a lawn with pastic from spent compost bags and then i covered the plastic with wood chips.

2. When this was done it took a couple of days, but i put the large raised bed and a bunch of plant pots on there. I then put low edging around the perimeter to deter my pooch from going on on this part of the garden and fouling on there.

3. Today I constructed a bamboo trellis type thing so that when i plant my peas, they will (hopefully) climb it.

4. Only one of the raised beds is in use right now and that is the smaller raised bed on the right of the above picture. You can see it also in the image below. I have onion sets planted and they’re actually growing. I really am surprised since i have the touch of death with plants and living vegetation usually.

5. I need more bark chips  for the ground and more compost for the raised bed below. No hurry for them though.

6. Let me show you what i’ve got going on in my two plastic upright growhouses (they were less than £10 each).

The one below has mushroom spawn, sweet peas, lavender, dianthus, basil and onion sets in there.

7. The second plastic growhouse has mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, courgettes and mini corn.

Well, that’s about it for now, I hope you enjoyed this post.  I’m sure there will be more Grow Your Own posts periodically and then you can join me in watching my garden grow!

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9 Responses to How does my garden grow…

  1. antonia says:

    wow! Very impressive!!
    You have certainly planted a wide variety of veg!!


  2. Adrienne says:

    Deb – You’ve done a remarkable job! I’m very impressed!

  3. Cathy says:

    My gardens need some serious work!!!! Yours looks so very neat and weedless…Can hardly wait to see what your garden grows! Wishing you well!

  4. Wow. You’re doing great!!! Very impressive!! I love it,

  5. Jean says:

    Wow, Deb, you certainly have been busy! Awesome! 🙂

  6. Barbara says:

    Fantastic – have you seen the programme on BBC2 where she combines veg and flowers? I am hoping to stick a few veg things in pots myself – you have me inspired…

  7. Gabrielle says:

    Wow, Deb, this is amazing, especially in light of you saying you have “limited skills, resources and fitness” – you have totally inspired me. I don’t know if I could do something like this in my backyard, but now I’m thinking of trying something, at least on a smaller scale. I usually have some herbs in pots and a tomato plant, but your photos make me want to try more!

  8. Will follow you as you go. Your an inspiration to the rest of us.

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