He gave me road rage…or t’other way around…

Yea though i walk through the valley of death drive through Hanley town on a warm spring evening and encounter a complete raving nutter who cuts me up then not happy with nearly front ending my car, pulls up in front of me, gives me the finger, repeatedly (let me clarify, he did not touch me) and proceeded to then storm out of his car after positioning his car directly in front of mine (even reversing it bumper to bumper to prevent my escape)…  hurling his aggressively looming body at my drivers side and expleting a tirade of abuse at me which included telling me i am a ‘fat fluffing cow’ amongst other things (oh they try to hurt you any way they can bullies, don’t they?)..then walking away, then coming back and behaving extremely threateningly and menacingly towards me… calling me a fluffing this and a fluffing that and scaring us silly.

And all because the psycho made a simple road error and failed to comprehend lane control at roundabouts.

It was a terrifying ordeal and i have been in shock ever since it happened a couple of nights ago.

I did think he might reach in and lunge for me at one point.  My daughter was with me and we were both so shocked that his behaviour incapacitated us and we didn’t have the nouse to camera phone his vehicle registration or serupticiously take a photo of him.

It is hard, but i am trying to pray a hail mary for him whenever i think what an obnoxious brute he is and about how his nasty words now reverberate around my brain, though i try not to let them.

Is it not enough God, that i am barely treading water as it is?

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6 Responses to He gave me road rage…or t’other way around…

  1. Owen says:

    M-m-m, you should try driving in our city. Seriously. Or more poignantly, try being a commuter bicyclist in my city, now there’s a patience builder!

    On the other hand, I wonder about what God allows. As you are just treading water maybe it’s the inner person building experiences that one most needs. I know, I know dear, you didn’t need to hear that. *sigh* It’s true for me is all I know. Not saying I like it, just saying…

    And saying, God bless you.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Hail Mary is in order..he’ll have his day and maybe he heard that all of his life
    and doesn’t know any better. I am certainly NOT taking up for him, I promise.
    You know who was in the right..that is ALL that matters, really.
    As you know I’ve been going through alot this past couple of years…some things
    just keep adding on. I haven’t written about much of it. Trust me..its true.
    Like Owen said, I think it is some of this IS for my inner person to grow..some
    of it is for the other folks involved. It isn’t fun. I am glad you are okay in so many
    ways that are far more important. We’ll keep praying for one another.
    Doesn’t matter how far away we are either.

  3. Cathy says:

    Oh MY! How frightening that must have been. I can only imagine!!! I am so sorry you had to endure that! In spite of all wishing you well!!!

  4. Thanks be to God you are safe. You never know what kind of psycho you may be dealing with. I had an experience like that once. I ended up calling the police.

  5. mum6kids says:

    Wow ! There are some seriously kooky people in the world! And there were you not so long ago wondering if you were kooky. Whoo not by a LOOOOONG shot my girl.

  6. mum6kids says:

    PS did you get his plate? You could report him. Next time he could hurt someone.

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