Pray even when you do not enjoy it…

“Pray inwardly, even if you do not enjoy it.

It does good, though you feel nothing;

yes, even though you think you are doing nothing”

~ Julian of Norwich, 14th century

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2 Responses to Pray even when you do not enjoy it…

  1. Owen says:

    Kinda fits with the post that follows this one, no? 😉

  2. Pablo H. says:

    I hate praying.

    I also find it disgusting that the Holy Rollers I go to Mass with hold me in contempt because I don’t take any of their cr** and I don’t measure up to their personal virtue.

    They constantly harangue me because they think I am turning the Chapel they own into a Mexican parish.

    They gather in groups and complain bitterly about me because I prayed the Holy Rosary for two years everyday with the Padres and two Brothers each evening at six P.M. They told the Pastor I have gotton too close to the Priests, and some of them have spread the rumor through the traditional grapevine that I had a homosexual relationship with one of the Padres.

    The cursing of these Trads is phenominal. I hope the Holy Father keeps this group out of Holy Mother Church for many more years. Holy Mother Church has many other problems to contend with at the moment. Adding Pharisees to the mix could prove disastrous.

    The prayers said before the Blessed Sacrament helped a young man I was praying for.

    He had been told by his Doctor the aids he contacted would quickly kill him, as it was advanced. Something happened that is too lenthy to herein describe, but the aids was broken, and the young man now shows no signs of having it.

    I took him to a Church that is sedevacantist because he would not find Charity among the Trads, as they would rip him to shreds after they had him investigated and discovered his background.

    The Sedevacantis Priest was very kind to him, and apparently absolved him.

    God Bless the Holy Name of Jesus.

    Keep this young man in your prayers; his trials and the attacks of Satan are not completely over.

    Please pray for the sedevacantist Padre and his group, that they recognize the Holy Father.

    As for those Trads, don’t throw your pearl before swine.

    Did I mention I hate to pray?


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