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Who am I now?

‘Who am I now?’ I suppose I have been struggling to find an answer to that question for some time. Since Wonderboy left home aged 14. Because it isn’t ‘normal’ is it. For a child to want to leave the … Continue reading

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Scattered Thoughts…

There has been so much going on that my head has been spinning (think exorcist). Wondergirl, you may recall, passed her driving test a few weeks ago, well, she now has her own car! She is really enjoying her independance … Continue reading

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And that just about sums up how i feel about the new PM and his conservative/lib dem coalition government.

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Currently I’m growing potatoes in 70 litre plant pots, but they are expensive and i have been looking for a more economical way of planting up tatties as i will soon be putting more seed potatoes in so that i … Continue reading

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