Scattered Thoughts…

There has been so much going on that my head has been spinning (think exorcist).

  • Wondergirl, you may recall, passed her driving test a few weeks ago, well, she now has her own car! She is really enjoying her independance and it will be great for the commute when she starts Uni in September.
  • Also concerning Wondergirl, today was her last day at Sixth Form College. She and her school mates all went to the pub and spent about 5 hours there apparantly…then i picked them up and took them to the fairground – i thought they would all be throwing up after the fairground rides, but surprisingly, they all came away unscathed. Wondergirl is now officially on ‘study – leave’…which, if you change the words around are ‘leave – study’ (erm, for as long as possible), which is probably more apt. Bless her, Wondergirl is such a super student but has a tendency to leave things till the last minute!
  • On better days, i’ve tried to spend some time in the garden and my efforts are really starting to come to something. Last night we ate our first garden produce…wait for it, it’s so exciting….SALAD LEAVES! I suddenly wish there was a re-run of  The Good Life on terestrial television. (We don’t have satellite/cable).

  • Things with Wonderboy are slightly improved but at the same time, dangerously precarious. I have a heavy heart about this still, but i am trying to busy myself with other things and not worry so much about the situation. Healthwise, my struggles are as great as ever, and if anything, they are getting a little worse, so the least hassle with dear son, the better for me, for my health and for my family. Prayers are covetted for the situation and for the healing of our relationship, thanks in advance for those.
  • I want to say a big, big thank you to 2 very special blog buddies whom i have had the good fortune to be acquainted with for a number of years…i thank them especially for the kind blog award they honoured me with recently, so a special shout out must go to my blog buddies Elena and Suzanne. Both of whom are ladies i would LOVE to meet in person, but alas, rather a large pond separates us!
  • I keep meaning to blog more frequently. I will try to do so henceforth.
  • Hope you are all keeping well, apologies for not blog visiting of late, i still pray for you at Mass each Sunday and at weekday Masses also.
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6 Responses to Scattered Thoughts…

  1. Deb, I hope you realize you are not alone. Some of us who lag behind in reading blogs and commenting are praying for you and the healing of relationships especially.

    Life is hard. Knowing that and accepting it is the first step in learning to cope. That changes, too as life is in constant flux.

    Hang in there dear heart. Your stress level is probably affecting your physical issues. May God give you peace, when you ‘Come unto me’.

    Prayers for you and yours

  2. Valerie says:

    Oh Deb – it’s so good to hear from you. I do keep you in my prayers daily, and I know the pain and turmoil that you are going through so intimately. I pray for your peace as you go through this tumultuous time. Many hugs – Valerie

  3. Cathy says:

    Wonderful post. Praying is essential in the lives of us all. You are often thought of and mentioned in prayers. Wishing you well!!!

  4. Owen says:

    God bless you and grant you peace and strength enough to meet each day.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Agree with Owen and you are most welcome for any award..lady.
    More prayers, more Masses..we so need them, don’t we?
    Thanks be to God.
    Your gardening is so nice. 🙂 Bless you and your are trusting God..
    that is so what He must want of us both. Amen

  6. Paul says:

    Hi Debbie, I couldn’t find your email, so I left a response to your gardening questions (squashes) on my blog in the same post.

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