Darling Daddy is 70 today!

In his younger days he could really have given some hollywood hunks a run for their money, don’t you reckon?

(Is it wierd to say your father was – and still is – a handsome chappie? LOL!)

Happy 70th Birthday Dad!

You are an exellent example of the kind of person a Dad and Grandad should be.

Loving, supportive, encouraging, stoic, good humoured, intelligent, capable, creative, dependable and loyal….and these are just some of your qualities…everyone who knows you personally loves you to bits, and that’s because you are a genuinely lovely man.

You never complain, even though you have severe health concerns. In fact, in all my 42 years i can’t remember a single time you have ever complained about your health, about going to work, about providing for your family etc.

You always put others before yourself.

You have served your country in the Navy… you have served your community and colleagues in your service as a City Councillor and in Trade Unions….and you have tirelessly served your family for 46 years.

Never work-shy, never anything but determined to provide the very best for us, you have given us each a solid grounding, taught us important life lessons, and speaking personally, shown me the measure of a genuinely ‘good man’.

Is it any wonder that now i realise my worth as a women, as your daughter and as a child of God, that I remain (contentedly) a singleton?

Who has your strengths, your great character?

No other man I have met, at least not yet.

You are a wonderful  husband (to Mum), father (to me and Phil) and Grandad (to your 4 grandchildren) and we are so very blessed to have you in our lives.

Forgive me for the times when i did not appreciate you, when i failed to respect you, when i rallied my hardest against you. I didn’t realise just how fortunate i was to have you for my Dad.

With all our love,

Deb’s  and Amy

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8 Responses to Darling Daddy is 70 today!

  1. John says:

    A Navy veteran! He’s gotta be good! 🙂 Happy 70th!

  2. Melanie says:

    What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday to your fabulous Dad!

  3. Mimi says:

    Happy Birthday to your dad! What a handsome fellow 🙂

  4. Jean says:

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad! I’m saying some prayers for him today for special birthday blessings.

    What a great tribute!

  5. antonia says:

    happy birthday to your dear dad!

  6. Sarah Oldham says:

    Happy Birthday to your pop!!! He is a looker, yes!

  7. Owen says:

    Late, as ever. Congrats. Happy Birthday UKOK’s Dad. God bless you and keep you.

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