‘What have you done?’

Kneeling at the foot of the statue of The Pieta in church yesterday morning, having made my confession, I discerned a moment of grace. Ordinarily I fail so often to see God working in my own life, though of course, I know He is. When i was not so ‘out of sorts’ with God, I recall having many grace filled moments that were so apparant to me that I suppose i became rather complacent about them. When i stopped noticing these ‘grace filled moments’ the lull of indifference ensnared me and i suppose i convinced myself that they were something to do with my conversion…my newbie status as a Catholic…..that now i wasn’t wet with the baptismal water, i had settled into a somewhat predictable, machine like practice of the faith and that was the way it was for most people, probably.

Rather unexpectedly, Mary got my attention yesterday.

After lighting my candles and placing them by the statue ot The Pieta I knelt to pray my Sacramental Penance.

For a long while I gazed at the statue as i prayed.

I didn’t see the statue move, and i didn’t hear any words spoken aloud….but in a moment of grace, in my mind, i saw Mother turn to me, with eyes and voice unaccusing, but yet  filled with sorrow…”What have you done?” she seemed to say to me…..”Look…look….what your sins have done?”.

In my ‘minds eye’ I could see that Mother loved me, that she was not reproaching me, she only asked me to  join the dots….to ‘connect’ my sins with Our Lord’s  wounds…to understand that it was my sin that pierced His flesh. Did Mother also not seem to say, as do all mothers, to arguing/fighting siblings ‘What is this that you have you done to your brother?’

Well just what had I done to my Brother?

I was particularly drawn to look upon the injury of Our Lord’s pierced side…the wound touched by St. Thomas himself, one of many wounds that my sin (our sin) inflicted on the Lord. As i gazed at the wound I thought of how we Catholics could perhaps have become almost desensitised to some extent, by the many images of Our Lord, bloodied and wounded.

And i wondered that we might perhaps give too much emphasis to His wounds if we consider them only as we consider our own physical injuries….. because the wounds, the true wounds…. that were an agony to our dear suffering Lord…. were the many blows He suffered by my rejection of Him (and yours), by my thirst for fleshly pleasures, by my ignoring Him.

I looked at Mary and she continued gazing down at her Son, His lifeless body cradled in her arms…and she seemed to ask me to look again at her Son….and to consider this….that He is more than Saviour, more than Redeemer, more than Counsellor, more than King, more than Prince of Peace…more than Shepherd…more than Master….because more than anything, Jesus is my Friend (and yours).

Perhaps when i am next tempted to commit a sinful act or thought,  i would do better to imagine myself once more at the foot of the Cross where Mother knelt cradling the lifeless body of her only Son….and finding myself there I should ask myself,

“What have I done?”

I pray  that in recognising the suffering my dear Friend endured for my sake, that I shall feel such sorrow for my sins  past, that there are fewer at present time and  still far less, in the future.

Please God!

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12 Responses to ‘What have you done?’

  1. Valerie says:

    Beautiful post, Deb. Thank you for the reminder of how much we do hurt the Lord with our sins and transgressions. I think of you often and keep you in my prayers.

  2. Cathy says:

    Nicely done! I think that it is important to reflect on Providence and how it has impacted our lives! It allows us to see the beautiful tapestry God is preparing in our lives. Thank you!!

    • ukok says:

      Amen Cathy! I once heard a quote about the tapestry of our lives….something about how we see all the messy strings and tangles on the underside of the tapestry….but God sees the fuller, complete picture on the other side…i think it is a wonderful way of putting things in perspective 🙂

  3. Suzanne says:

    Deb, The other week, we had a presentation of the Holy Shroud of Turin. In our state, there is lives one of the scientists and his niece, I think she is, has actual photographic structure of the Shroud and it has been placed in an enclosed glass long cabinet spread out front and backside
    and a light set up so we could see all that the naked eye can see of such a replica of it. She showed us that they counted 120 whippings on Our Lord’s backside..and you could see them and you could see how they could have taken very careful count of them. Along with that, Our Lord didn’t have a “crown” of thorns…basically a full horrible cap like of them was pushed hard onto His head as one could see that on the backside of the Shroud, also. I had not realized that. The children..grades 1-8 and all of us Catechists were able to sit and listen.
    On it went and you could see the looks on the faces and one little girl broke down and just cried. The lady apologized to her, but told her that she just needed to remember that what happened to Jesus was real, but that like you mention here, by our acts, it is like we hurt Him too and by our goodness, it is like we softly heal them with our love, so to speak. It helped the little girl..it helps us all to realize that and it helps to know that we wipe the tears from our Mother’s heart when we appreciate our lives and try to listen to please Him and on and on..the Pieta has always been very moving to my heart. I have a small replica of it and I should bring it out ..as you say, sometimes we Catholics can almost get used to looking at things and not looking beyond into how we are still connected to those things by our daily actions and lives.

    It sounds like you made such a good confession and prayer time afterwards. 🙂 I need to go soon, I can feel it within me. God bless you and thank you for sharing this with us.

    • ukok says:


      WOW, that sounds like an amazing presentation. How incredible for you to be able to learn all this. I never knew that about the crown of thorns, nor how many lashes our dear Lord Jesus received on his back alone. It makes me terribly sad to think of it, but it it good for our souls, for us to accept that our sins wounded Jesus because the wounds he bore were not only for the sins of those who lived before he came to earth or even in his relatively short 33 years…but for all mankind, the weight of the worlds sin…of we sinners to come.

      God Bless that little girl who broke down and cried, and may we as adults invite the Lord to make us so sensitive to the Holy Spirit moving within us, that we too can hardly bare to think on Christ’s agony for our own sakes.

      On a different note, it truly was a very thorough confession. I’m finding such liberation in confessing lately…it’s like i am finally finding a parish where good and holy priests want our souls scrubbed of their grime….i feel like i;ve had a bit of a spiritual ‘workout’ when i have confessed recently. Thanks be to the Holy Spirit. He is so oft unrecognised in bringing we sinners to an awareness of those sins that press upon our souls…those which the devil …to whom we so often lean, attempts in all his guises to convince us of their lack of our sins gravity, wrestles with us and torments us…praise be to God when we side with our God!

  4. What a beautiful moment of Grace! The moments are precious. When I have them, I want to stay in that moment forever. But soon I rouse myself to carry on with duties of the day, and soon I’m wondering if I just imagined it. The mark is on my soul, though, and the Lord reminds me the moment was very real.

    Confession and Sacramental Penance is very powerful.

    • ukok says:

      Indeed Confession and Sacramental Penance is powerful…what a shame it is that all too often as i leave the church and make my way home, i blot my copybook so to speak….have ill thoughts about other road users or say a swear word to myself. I’m going to spend heaps of time in Purgatory…if only i am fortunate enough to go there! Bless you Maryellen!

  5. Mimi says:

    What an amazing post,and I very much agree, we are blessed when we get moments of grace such as these.

  6. Thank you, Debbie, for sharing that with us!

    • ukok says:

      Thank you so much Margaret Mary, for stopping by. I’m so glad you took the time to leave a comment, especially on this post. God Bless you!

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