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6 year anniversaries and other stuff and nonsense.

Friends,  I apologise for being so absent from the blogosphere for so long and for failing to endeavour to maintain the friendships that i have forged over the 6 years that i have been blogging (I forgot all about my … Continue reading

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Erroneous Poetry?

A reader recently wrote the comment below on an old post, a poem i wrote about Our Lady about 3 years ago. I have responded to the comment in that particular post and would appreciate any insight or support you … Continue reading

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A Poem – If it be not you

If it be not you, of whom the merest thought gladdens so my heart stirring within my very soul the sweetest hope that we two destined be, then take the heart within my breast that sounds your name with every … Continue reading

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Just because my life isn’t random enough…

I left my heart at the end of the line… at every stop we’d halted and with a myriad of thoughts cavorted but we’d long passed restoration point and the spark of hope was thwarted I left my heart at … Continue reading

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And she thought she knew a bit about love…(a poem)

Will you love me? Will you love me? though I am worn and long wearied by the ravages of life and claimed, despoiled and shamed, by those of tawdry lives ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Will you love me? though I am tainted and … Continue reading

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O Holy Sacraments

And she came over all poetic like…. O Holy Sacraments Bathe me Lord in the Water of Life Free flowing for all as it pours out from Thy side Lord of all Glory, lustral fountain, living stream Cleanse by Thy … Continue reading

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Spare me from the fiery flames of hell…

I’m having a little break from th’internet so this will be my last post for a few days or so. Before i sign off may i just ask you to please consider leaving a response to the post below this … Continue reading

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