This page has links to some of the poetry i have written. I hope you will enjoy reading my poetry. Please read the copyright notice in the sidebar ->

A Love Letter to Mother

A Love Lost

I Scarce Can Tell

Spare me from the Fiery Flames of Hell

O Holy Sacraments

Will you love me?

If it be not you

3 Responses to Poetry

  1. The prayer to Mother is so beautiful it says everything, thank You.

  2. Franci Daluz Pagtakhan says:

    I very much love the ‘O Holy Sacraments’ where Christ Jesus is personally present. Thanks for sharing. I, too, love poetry. If you would not mind, I would like to share with you all a poem I wrote for JESUS last Christmas, entitled “MY LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREEE.”

    Happy birthday, Jesus, the Lord of Salvation;
    You were born in a place, no one would envision;
    It was in a manger, like a crib or stall,
    Where horses or donkeys come and feed on their own;
    It was Mother Mary who bore Thee, our Saviour,
    A nature’s wonderment, sacred phenomenon;
    Jesus had chosen not, in grandeur, to be born,
    To show that humbleness must be embraced by all.

    Visit my heart, dear Lord, my little Christmas tree;
    It is decorated with all my love for Thee:
    Yellow lights were the foods given to the hungry;
    While blue lights were the clothes handed to the needy;
    The green lights: donations to a few charities;
    While red lights were visits to depressed and lonely,
    And sick in hospitals, some were in miseries;
    And the ribbons around: hugs to my family.

    A tree can never be a real Christmas tree,
    Without the ‘lights of love’ that Jesus likes to see.

  3. Do you still have the printable image of the sacred heart of Jesus with St Augustine: to fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances?

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